Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl, 2014

I'm working tomorrow so when this idea popped into my head at 7:45pm I was glad the kiddos were still wide awake.

As usual, made on 12×12 scrapbook paper so it easily slides into a scrapbook for keeping.

The football is Neelie's foot on top and Tristan's on the bottom.  I had them sit on the bench, painted their foot, held it up while they stood onto the opposite foot and step down.  Laces drawn on with a paint marker.

Helmets are the kids palm and thumb. Thumb painted white for the facemask, palms painted in rough colors of helmets. I wasn't going for perfection, this I felt the rougher the better.

All writing done with a paint marker. Tristan picked the broncos to win so he got to be the broncos. I'll probably add the score later.

This is the beauty of having two kids for two teams.

Let's go Manning!  Win it in your brother's arena!    A patient told me Eli won at the colt's stadium. I have not looked into that fun fact to see if it's true. 

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